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Countess Charlotte and Count Gustaf Lewenhaupt, with their four children Carl, Ingrid, Axel and Ebba, lives and manage Lönhult Estate in Höganäs, in the south of Sweden. The farm goes back to 1500 and has played an important role with agriculture productions through out the decades. Today fam Lewenhaupt manage 650 hectars under plow and have the world famous Lewenhaupt Arabian Stud. Every year Lönhult Estate arrange events, christmas market and concerts that is famous both for the community and for tourists.

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Countess Charlotte and Count Gustaf Lewenhaupt

Lönhult Estate

Lönhults Gård i Höganäs AB

Lönhultsvägen 296-10

263 94 Mjöhult


gustaf@lonhult.se WhatsApp & Mobile: +46-708463407

charlotte.lewenhaupt@lonhult.se  WhatsApp & Mobile: +46-706865202

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